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sl*ip & gl*de, (18´´, for 7 singers, live visuals and electronic, UA: ECLAT Festival/ Neue Vokalsolisten, Stuttgart, DE




This is my χάπι:)  face (15´), for amplified ensemble and electronics (fl,, 2 synth, drums set, vln, vlc)

Stories/swindles/songs & dancing (17´) no-input mixer, bass clarinet with effect pedals  

more something together (10´), solo violin


Deep down in the thick of the wicked, (11´), no- input mixer, drum set, moog mother 32 synthesizer




Hetz (18´) for solo prophet12 synthesizer 

BUNK (16’) for amplified Ensemble and no-input mixer ( b,cl, synth, vla, vlc)

Start microdosing today (8´) for 2 synthesizers, el.quitar, saxophone & drum-set 

A Permutation based algorithm to optimally reschedule trains (12´) for 2 synthesizers, el.quitar, saxophone & drum-set | UA: y-band | Basel | CH

Twelve sycamore trees flanked (12´) for 2 synthesizers, el.quitar, saxophone & drum-set 

Ich spüre meine Nerven rattern, wie Zahnräder einer Achterbahn VER.II (21´) for four drum sets and nine percussion sets

Slivers of a mind palace (16´) for 13 musicians 

Welcome home honey! (9´) for  electric guitar and drum set 

I wonder if I should start accessing pleasure a whole lot, amplified ensemble & electronic (17’) 
(perf, fl, vla, cb, ther, synth, drum set)

Delineated in black and white, caught or scattered, the letters dance, for three synthesisers (17´)
Ich spüre meine Nerven rattern, wie Zahnräder einer Achterbahn, for four drum sets (10´) reach the unreachable star... for Kollektiv3:6Koeln and Living Cartoon Duet ( 9´)
in the tent Hand, these ten tent, a ten Werk, prepared zither miniature (1´)
All sweet nothings, for solo Stroh Viola (10´)

Ampére for amplified ensemble & electronic (12´) (stroh vln, stroh viola, synth, cl,drum set, cello) 
Penrose Dix, for solo Theremin (10´)
VJFL, for string quartet & electronic (9´)

Boojums & Bandersnatches, for Ensemble (9´) (fl, cl, sax, synth, vln, vlc, drum set)
Lucid Dreamers #3, for Ensemble & electronic (15´) (fl, perc, vln, vla, cb, synth, theremin)
How moths survive at higher elevations, for ensemble (11´) (fl, ob, cl, pn, acc, vlc, e.bass)
Wolpertinger, for solo virtual synthesizer (16´)

Sprawling Bodies, for Stroh Violin, Stroh Viola & electronic (11´)
Die wunderliche Gasterei, for ensemble & electronic (17´)
Tricksters Parade, for solo extended drum set, ensemble & electronic (12´)
wurst, for a performer with effect pedals (17´)
Trickster´s Shenanigans, for solo extended drum set (12´)

Lucid Dreamers #2, for ensemble (15´) (fl, vln, vla, zither, 2 per, cb)
Don't Worry, It's a bit like Juggling, for solo organ (10´)
Through Hell & High Water, for el. guitar & e.bass (10´) 
Calling Cards & Winking Bards for ensemble & electronic (14´) (fl, sax, pn, perf, elec)

Intertwined Peculiarities, for ensemble (8:30´) (vln, el.guit, pn, sax, drum set)
Lucid Dreamers #1, for ensemble (17´) (2 perf, 2 pn, perc, cb)
Dangerous Conjectures, for ensemble (12´) (tr, trb, 2 per, pn, el.guit, vlc)

Rhinoceritis, for octet (12´) (cl, bin, hn, 2vln, vla, vlc, cb)
Vagari, for ensemble (8:30´) (fl, cl, pn, vln, vla, vlc)
Walk in and find your supper!, for ensemble (12´) (fl/picc, cl/, vln, vlc & performer)
I dreamed a dream that wasn't mine, for ensemble (8´) (fl/picc, b.clar, ben, vln, vla, vlc)

Unbewusste spiele, for string quartet (8´)
Magna Ipsum Heimat, Ut enim Minem Vacuum -Hymne für ein nicht existierdes Land, for Orchestra (6´)

Schrödingers Cat, for orchestra (10´)

Licht auf Schlag, for 5 Timpani with installed lights (6´) 
Down the rabbit hole, for string quartet (12´)

astropedo, for piano and voice (6:30´)

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